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Andreas Mogensen back in space

Andreas Mogensen back in space

Danish astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, recently embarked on his second space mission with ESA, this time as the main pilot on the space mission, Huginn. Everything space-related requires extensive amounts of power, so it is no surprise that it took a great deal of electricity when Andreas Mogensen and the rest of Crew-7 launched the Crew Dragon spacecraft, Endurance, on the 26th of August 2023.

Our fascination with space dates back millennia, as it has always been of interest to travel through the infinite cosmos to explore new planets, new types of life, and unlimited opportunities. Luckily, through 60+ years of space exploration, we are at a stage where we are knowledgeable enough to explore space and all its potential with space missions.

Six months in orbit

Crew-7 has landed at the International Space Station (ISS) and the crew must now prepare themselves for a new everyday life with zero gravity as this is the way they will be living every day for the coming six months.

Crew-7 consists of ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, who is appointed as the first European main pilot on Space X's Crew Dragon, NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, who is commanding Crew-7 during the Huginn mission, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa and Roscosmos astronaut Konstantin Borisov both appointed as mission specialists on Crew-7.   

Exceeding the excitement of space, space traveling allows us to gain a better understanding of physics and our planet, bringing us insights that would be impossible to retrieve from Earth. That is why intergovernmental organizations like ESA and NASA employ carefully selected astronauts to complete a variety of missions while staying in space.

Andreas Mogensen's role, besides piloting the spacecraft, is to conduct research that has been defined by Space Exploration Denmark - which is a mix of governmental institutions of knowledge and elected organizations. Some of the missions involve exploring how conditions in space affect the human body or foreign elements. However, most of the missions are intended to improve our knowledge of planet Earth - insights that may ultimately help prolong the time that we have on our planet. 

Andreas_Mogensen_Flux_3Photo: ESA

Don't judge a component by its size 

Flux's involvement in Andreas Mogensen's latest space mission, Huginn, included the production of essential magnetic components for his spacecraft. These components had to meet rigorous specifications and adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Flux rose to the occasion, delivering components that were indispensable to the mission's success.

Flux's ability to manufacture components capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of space is a testament to our commitment to quality and precision. Each component underwent exhaustive testing and scrutiny to ensure compliance with the exacting standards required for space travel.

As a substantial contribution, Flux is behind several inductive components for the electrical system of the spacecraft. Flux has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology. With a reputation for precision engineering and a dedication to innovation, Flux has become a trusted partner when it comes to delivering inductive components for complex environments. 

Our inductive components are used for the power supplies that form part of the European Service Module (ESM), the space capsule, and the docking station at the ISS. We primarily deliver coils and transformers. These components serve as the backbone of the power and electricity supplies on the spacecraft and international space station, ensuring the safety and functionality of astronauts and their vessels.

Are you a space fanatic by heart? 

Then this is for you. If you are interested in knowing more about our partnership with ESA and the upcoming missions that they are launching? Then read along here, where we take you through the future ESA missions launching throughout the coming three years. 


If it carries the ESA logo, it carries our magnetics on board

Flux is an ESA Technology Flow Qualified Manufacturer - one of only six such approved companies and the only one qualified by ESA for manufacturing custom magnetic components in accordance with ESCC3201/013 – the quality standard for electromagnetic components defined by Flux and adopted by ESA. We have gained this status, by developing, manufacturing, and testing magnetic components that live up to the highest standards imaginable - with a 0% fail-rate and with stringent testing of all materials and finished products.

We have worked closely with the European and American Space and Defence industry for decades - private as well as governmental.


Photo: ESA

A partnership made for the stars

It takes skill, precision, and a lot of testing to manufacture components for the space industry. The extreme environment puts the components to the test, which entails that only the best sub-suppliers were given a part in the construction of the spacecraft. Airbus, a European company that works as a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, has manufactured several vessels for the space sector - Crew Dragon was no exception.

The spacecraft itself consists of two parts, a capsule which is made by the American company Space-X and the European Service Module (ESM) that is located beneath the capsule, which is ESA's contribution to NASA's Crew Dragon spacecraft. That way, this spacecraft is a perfect example of how Europe and the US collaborate for scientific purposes. The partnership that made this spacecraft come to life is both complex and appears as an abundance of partners that have contributed to the realization of Crew Dragon.

As Flux continues to innovate and lead in aerospace manufacturing, we look forward to more groundbreaking missions that will push the boundaries of human achievement. Together, we are taking one giant leap closer to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos and securing a brighter future for all of humanity.


Are you interested in knowing more about what we do for the space industry? Contact our COO of Defence & Space, Lars Gregersen, to learn more. 


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