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How a Small Transformer from Flux Unleashes Huge Potential for Renewables

How a Small Transformer from Flux Unleashes Huge Potential for Renewables

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”, Vincent Van Gogh once said.


The transformer from Flux is almost like a work of art. A small coil with a copper wire winding. Doesn't look like much. But once it is integrated in another unit, great things start to happen.

Our transformers are built into green technologies that convert the energy of the sun, the wind and the waves to electricity, thereby unleashing a huge potential for both renewables and the green transition.

Customizing our components to your needs

Unlike most players in the greentech market Flux specializes in customization of components for specific requirements. We optimize your technical design to meet requirements that standard products in the market are unable to meet. In short, we can help you if your application needs additional performance, a better isolation or increased efficiency.

Unparalleled Expertise within Solar Energy

We have experienced considerable success in customizing transformers for local energy converters in private households. Our design experts have helped our customers design several components, e.g. dual active bridge transformers that are integrated in the power converter connected to the residential solar panels.

renewable energy - solar energy

A key feature of our dual active bridge transformers is that they enable the customer to create bidirectional converters, allowing electricity to flow in two directions. During the daytime, the solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, and the transformer ensures that the solar battery is charged with the generated electricity. After sunset the solar panels stop generating electricity. The converter will then collect the electricity in the solar battery and transport it to the electrical consumers of the house such as computers, washing machine, and cooker.

Previously, two power converters were installed in the households; one for the storage of electricity, and one for supplying electricity to the consumers. But by mounting a bidirectional component in the power converter only one power converter is needed.

The bidirectional converter also stands out by being highly scalable. Although the converters are designed for households and small companies (app. 2 kW), they may also be used for applications that require a higher wattage (6 or 12 kW). In this case more converters are simply installed parallel.

In addition, the transformers can be optimized by the integrated resonance making the power converter even more effective than a traditional power converter. The integrated resonance also means that the transformer takes up very little space, since an additional coil is not needed. Here Flux uses a specific coil winding technique that provides the transformers with the desired inductance.

Global Wind Power Supplier

In addition to solar energy Flux is also an important player in the wind power market delivering magnetic components to most wind turbine producers around the world.


The components are for instance used for auxiliary power supplies that monitor the large power supplies of the wind turbines. In this way the components ensure that the metering equipment is supplied with power and that the desired current and power are generated in the wind turbine.

How does Flux see its Future within Renewables?

Flux sees a huge potential for growth within solar energy and energy storage in the future.

We believe that every household will be provided with a household battery that stores the energy generated by the sun or the grid. In this way the households may use this battery for charging cars and other consumers. The increasing demand for household batteries will create a growing need for our optimized power magnetics and this will be a significant growth platform for the company.


The progress within wave energy is also
being monitored. Wave energy places great demands on the technical solutions since they must be able to withstand the harsh conditions in salt water. At the time of writing the final solution for converting wave energy to electricity is being implemented. And when the solution is ready, we are ready.

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