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Customizing components to meet your needs

Customizing components to meet your needs

Unlike most players in the greentech market who offer standardized products and solutions, Flux specializes in customization of transformers and inductors. We optimize your technical design to meet requirements that standardized products in the market are unable to. In short: We can help you when an application needs specialized performance, thus enabling you to achieve compliance with your own –or your customer’s requirement specification.
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Four cases are presented below, where we supported our customers in refining their product to a higher level, for instance by improving the EMI-emission, thermal performance and/or product robustness.


1 - Simplifying the product for more efficiency

One of our customers asked for help improving a component for local battery charging in a solar inverter for domestic usage.

The original solution was based on a transformer with an external resonant inductor. This solution proved to be rather difficult to wind, difficult to assemble on the main PCB, and it took up additional space. Furthermore, the external inductor made the active cooling inefficient due to reduced airspeed on the transformer, resulting in early overheating.

 Flux optimized the solution by integrating the resonant inductance into the transformer. This was done by designing the winding layer stack-up to get the required leakage inductance that is used in the resonance tank.

The benefits of these solutions are a more elegant design with efficient cooling, less board space needed, saving of an extra core for the external resonant inductor, while reducing the handling and assembly time, resulting in an overall better and less expensive solution.


2 - Add-ons reduce EMI

We received a component that had to be approved for production for solar cell systems. The choke box was grounded for safety reasons, and this caused too high EMI in the chokebox.

The product had to be approved according to european standards before it could be taken into production. Before it could be approved, we had to reduce the EMI.

Flux analyzed the design and suggested to apply additional insulation between the chokes and the metal housing, prior to the potting process. During the cooperation of the analyses, it showed that a different winding method could be implemented, thereby reducing the overall losses. 

The results of the optimization were remarkable: The EMI dropped well below required limits and the power dissipation were conveniently reduced.

SOLAR PLANT 1920x1080


3 -  Little adjustment makes better outcome

During a review of a customer’s PV auxiliary transformer design, Flux found that the existing solution might not be adequately robust when used in certain areas with rough grid conditions, such as overvoltage and spikes.

By adding extra insulation, without compromising transformer functionality and converter efficiency, Flux created an optimized part for usage in roughed environments with very long-life time.

The part can now sustain more than 4kV overvoltage without degradation of performance and risk of failure.


4 - 3 in 1 solution

A customer came to us with a product in which there were three separate common mode chokes with a common return path. Due to the nature of current running where the lowest resistance is, one core was overheated, since it conducted the most current in the return path, which it was not originally designed for.

Flux integrated all three common mode chokes on a single larger core, with one common return winding, dimensioned to handle the total return current of up to 100A without reduction of the filter performance.


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Making good components better

Flux is here to aid established technical solution-owners within the field of transformers, with consultancy on pre-existing - or new products, by finding and crushing root causes that lead to performance inadequacy or by boosting efficiency on otherwise well-working products.

And we are here to support innovators and inventors that have cutting-edge new concepts that do indeed function as intended, but lack optimization within robustness or compliance with governing design, HSE and safety regulations. Why not get a head start by teaming up with a strong technical partner to ensure that your product is every bit as robust, reliable and safe from the very beginning? 

Readers of this article that work with Global Procurement (and other innovators alike!) will also be pleased to know that we at Flux does not only provide consultancy on technical solutions, but are also able to provide manufacturing and assembly on a scalable level via our site in Thailand.


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